Copper Country Pet Service

Copper Country Pet Service

Our Approach

We believe that dogs are the most secure and happy when they are treated in a friendly manner.

We are passionate about dogs and strive to provide a safe and caring environment for your pets.

golden retriever

Both of us have had many pets, starting in childhood and continuing well into adulthood. Among them: a poodle and two collies; labs and a hound; and three horses. These early – and more recent – experiences have helped us to see that it is important to try and understand what animals need and not the other way around.

We have not been able to groom every dog (the dog is “in charge” of the session) and we decline dogs that seem too aggressive or those which suffer from a higher level of separation anxiety. Generally, a dog should be curious and friendly, although some quite reserved and more guarded dogs have have eventually turned the corner to allow grooming.

A relaxed, content animal is our goal, and we freely offer lots of ear scratches (some dogs roll right over for a belly scratch, so they must be getting them at home), pats on the head, and friendly interaction.

We always discuss with you how your pet adjusted to its grooming session, especially if it’s a first-time event.